Environmental Hazards in Daily Life
and the Science of Epidemiology

by Geoffrey C. Kabat


Corrections to 1st printing


p. 98, 2nd full para. First line should read: “However,… prestigious institutions did not put an end ….”

p. 173, title of Table 6.2, “Lung Cancer” in title should be “Coronary Heart Disease”

p. 202, note # 2 should read: N. Wertheimer and E. Leeper, “Electrical Wiring Configurations and Childhood Cancer.” American Journal of Epidemiology 109 (1979): 273-284. – strike out Savitz and Ahlbom reference – it is not needed.

p. 202, note #8 should give complete reference: D.A. Savitz, H. Wachtel, F.A. Barnes, E.M. John, and J.G.Tvrdik. “Case-Control Study of Childhood Cancer and Exposure to 60-Hz Magnetic Fields.” American Journal of Epidemiology 128 (1988): 21-38.


p. 234,  replace “Savitz DA, R.L. Chan, A.H Herring, P.P. Howards, and K.E. Hartmann” with “Savitz, D.A., H. Wachtel, F.A. Barnes F.A., E.M. John, and J.G. Tvrdik” – rest of reference is the same.

























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